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Project V5: Coordination and Change

The project will orient, align and integrate the four research for development projects (V1 -V4) that have been designed to respond to the basin development challenge in order to contribute to poverty reduction and improved livelihood resilience in the basin.

Approach & activities:
Project V5 will ensure coherence among the other four Volta Basin Development Challenge (VBDC) projects, and manage their interdependencies and research protocols to allow smooth running of the program leading to quality research outputs. The project will engage policy makers and other stakeholders in the basin through strategic partnership thereby creating opportunities for next and end users feedback that will enrich the research process in all VBDC projects and subsequently the uptake of research outputs.
Through process research, V5 will investigate the way scientific knowledge is produced by V1-V4 and how that contributes to innovations and change providing recommendations for up- and out-scaling of interventions

Expected outcomes:
VBDC research is well integrated and aligned to the local, national and regional context. Increased understanding among actors of the complex water-food-environment challenges at the basin level, and increased awareness of the benefits of integrated rainwater and small reservoir management which should encourage evidence- based investments in small reservoir systems for multiple uses.

Project Lead Organization:
Volta Basin Authority (VBA)

Project Partners:


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