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Project V4: Sub-basin management and governance of rainwater and small reservoirs

The project will identify socially acceptable land and water governance options and identify their livelihoods, health and environmental impacts, including spa- tial and temporal trade-offs at the watershed level.

The project will support on-going Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) policy initiatives through a participatory approach based on companion modeling. The project uses a platform linking a bio-physical watershed model to a representation of local perceptions discussed during multi-stakeholder platforms. This leads to elaborating a shared vision on land and water governance.

Expected outcomes:
Enhanced multi-level exchanges among actors involved in the shaping and imple- mentation of IWRM policies, leading to a set of governance decisions that bring
together sustainability and planning concerns and livelihoods priorities.

Primary Sites / Sites Primaires:

Secondary sites:
Secondary sites in Upper
West Region (UWR-Ghana) and Nakambé/

White Volta Basin (Burkina Faso) documenting
local IWRM practices

Project Lead Organization: International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Project Partners:

  • CIRAD, WRC-WVBB (Water Resources Commission-White Volta Basin Board); SP-PAGIRE (Secrétariat Permanent/Plan d’Action pour la Gestion Integrée des Ressources en Eau)
  • WRI-CSIR (Water Resources Institute)
  • UDS-FIDS (University of Development Studies-Faculty of Integrated Development Studies)

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