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Project V3: Integrated management of small reservoirs for multiple uses

The V3 project will develop integrated management options of Small Reservoirs (SR) with the objectives of perpetuating infrastructures, protecting/improving water quality for various uses, reaching/enhancing water productivity potentials in ensuring an equitable allocation of water resources.


The project will identify uses and users, assess their needs, clarify social and ecological determinants, and control health consequences, for selected small reservoirs considered within their biophysical contexts and their economical dynamics. Participative diagnosis and modeling (with local stakeholders) constitute the methodological baseline of the project

Expected outcomes:
Definition of alternative management options with a consensual delimitation of benefits & risks. Implementation in pilot- sites. Promotion of a shared “basin-based culture”.

Primary Sites (multidisciplinary labs):
Burkina Faso Boura
(Mouhoun basin / bassin du Mouhoun)
(11° 02’ 52.63“N – 02° 29’ 55.65” W)

Ghana Binaba
(White Volta Basin / bassin de la Volta Blanche)
(10° 46’ 49.25“N – 00° 28’ 40.96” W)

Secondary sites:
Secondary sites will be selected in the Bougouriba 7 sub-basin (Mouhoun River, BF), in the Nariarlé sub-basin (Nakambé Basin, BF) and in the Upper West Region (Black Volta, GH) to diversify our documentation and provide a representative state of the diversity of situations in the Volta Basin.

Project Lead Organization: CIRAD / G-eau Research Unit

Project Partners:

INERA, 2iE Foundation, CSIR/WRI, CSIR/SARI, TU Delft
Universités de Ouagadougou, de Bobo Dioulasso, de Kumasi
CIRAD (Green Research Unit) + Stockholm Environmental Institute.

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